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By Minh Nguyen
Q: What is the purpose of this site, and why did you create it?
A: The College of Letters & Science Deans' Office purchased the complete Microsoft Select CD kit. Since this kit is expensive, most departments could not afford the kit. At the same time, people were complaining that our vendor sometimes took too long to ship the media. As a result, I was constantly asked if I could burn a copy of a Microsoft media. This site was created to provide a central repository where L&S departments can download files and CD images (ISO). I saw a potential benefit to the University, so this site available to selected UCD technical staff.
Q: How do I get access to the site?
  1. Go to the main http://download.ucdavis.edu.
  2. Click on the Continue button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Enter your UCD LoginID and kerberos password when prompted.
  4. On right side of the Download.Secure line, click on click on [ Request Acccess]
  5. Fill out an online form requesting access. And click the Submit Requestbutton
  6. If you are a Computing Resource Specialist , Programmmer, or Computing Resource Manager I, then access should be almost instaneous.  Otherwise, an email will be generated to me, indicating that you have requested access. Check back in a few days. If it's an emergency, email me. If you are a student, you will not be granted access.

    * I reserve the right to deny access to anyone.

Q: How do I get the product key to Microsoft Products?
A: After you have logged on, click on the Product Keys tab. Select your product key and click "Request Product Key(s)"   The key will be emailed to your campus email account.
Q: A product key is missing from your site.  Can you get it for me?
A: No. If you are too lazy to call Microsoft for the key, then maybe you shouldn't be using this site. For me to get the key, I have to call MS myself. All the information needed to get a key is located on the product key page. If you have a product key, share it with the rest of the group by submitting it on the Product key page. Only submit product keys for campus agreement.
Q: If I download a file from this site, does it mean I have the rights to use it?
Q: Can you put up ISO of other vendor's programs beside Microsoft's?
A: No. I only have permission to put up ISO of Microsoft's software. I have not requested permission from other vendors to post ISO's for a wide-audience distribution. L&S Tech staff, you may want to request access to LS_TECH.Secure directory.
Q: I don't see an ISO of a Microsoft CD that I need. Can you put it online?
A: Maybe. Send me an email and I will try to upload an image - if I have it. Please note, there are some images that I will not put online because 1) there may be too many discs associated with the software (i.e. Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise Edition has 24 discs) 2) there may not be a wide need for these CDs. Due to limited space, I may not have old version of a media online. This site is NOT a comprehensive download site for Microsoft media. You may order media from TRC.
Q: Can you burn me a copy of the CD so that I don't have to download it?
A: NO. The purpose of this site is so that you can download the image and burn your own media. You can buy a IDE CD burner for less than $50.
Q: The download is slow. Is there a faster way to download the files?
A: Currently, the server has a 100 Mbps connection. Download speed will vary based on many factors - including the number of concurrent download. As a courtesy to your fellow users, please limit your download. Many of the programs may have multiple discs, but you may only need disc 1. Download only one image at a time.

All information are subject to change without notice

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